Post Trail Smarts : Cleaning and Maintaining Your Off-Road Vehicle

Post Trail Smarts : Cleaning and Maintaining Your Off-Road Vehicle

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Cleaning Maintaining Vehicle

Off-roading can be loads of fun, but it’s also rough on your vehicle. When you push the limits of a 4WD truck, you’re putting tremendous stress on various components, including those that were designed to take it. To make matters worse, the build-up of dirt, water, mud and dust can cause these components to wear out sooner than they should. Here are some tips you can use to take better care of your off-road vehicle.

Washing and Vacuuming 

Trucks like the Dodge Ram 2500 are designed to handle the tough situations, but their components last longer when you keep them clean. When it comes to off-road vehicles, cleaning the undercarriage is particularly important. It’s the area that takes the most abuse and is most exposed to the elements. Be sure to also open the hood and hose down the engine compartment. Washing your vehicle not only protects it from wear, but also makes it easier to spot problems you might not otherwise notice.

Checking Your Tires

Check your tire pressure often, especially when cold. The reading is more accurate when the air inside is cooler, since it expands in the heat. The best time to check it is in the morning, after it’s been sitting all night. Remember to also check the pressure in your spare, since you might need it in an emergency. Check your lug nuts often to make sure they’re tight and look for deep cuts or bulges that might cause a blowout. If your tires are equipped with beadlocks, make sure they’re tight as well.

Transmission and Differential

Since your transmission and differential are located beneath the vehicle, there’s a chance they can be damaged by the terrain. Even heavy-duty differential covers can leak if they are dented. Be sure to check the fluids often for signs of water contamination. If it appears white and milky, change it right away.


If your vehicle has been immersed in deep water, mud or sand, check your brake drums to make sure it didn’t get inside. This can cause premature wear of the shoes, drums and other important hardware. Inspect your brake lines for signs of damage. Remember that if your vehicle has been lifted and you’re using the same stock brake lines, they can become stressed if they’re too short.

Steering and Suspension 

Inspect the components on each axle, including the ball joints, knuckles and half-shafts. Look for cracks, bends and other signs of stress. Lift your vehicle properly and tug on each wheel to ensure there’s no looseness or wobbling. Inspect the control arms, springs, shocks and bump stops for excessive wear or damage. Make sure the parts aren’t rubbing together. Check all nuts and bolts for tightness and wiggle all components to make sure nothing’s loose. Lubricate all grease fittings as needed and look for signs of stress along the frame, especially along the weld lines.

Engine Compartment

Along with keeping the engine compartment clean, you should also keep an eye on the components inside. Check belts for tightness and adjust or replace, as necessary. Hoses should be firm to the touch, rather than soft, spongy and weak. Hose clamps should be secure and properly fitted, but not so tight as to pinch the hoses. Look for leaks at the brake master cylinder and power steering pump, as well as the engine, radiator and coolant reservoir. Remember that corrosion from a leaking battery can eat away at nearby wiring and vacuum lines.

Off-road vehicles are designed to take more abuse than the average car or truck. However, you still have to keep them clean and keep up with their maintenance. Proper care of your off-road vehicle helps minimize the possibility of a breakdown and ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years.

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