Three Questions to Ask a Mechanic Before Having your Car Worked On

Three Questions to Ask a Mechanic Before Having your Car Worked On

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Going to the mechanic can be an exhausting and costly endeavor, especially if you’ve never used a shop specializing in auto repair services in Spokane Valley. You want to know that your car will be repaired entirely without it costing you an arm and a leg. This will make your experience much more enjoyable and you’ll feel like you didn’t take such a hit to your bank account. Here are three questions to ask a mechanic before having your car worked on:

What to Ask a Mechanic Before Hiring Them for Their Services

– Have You Worked on My Type of Car Before?

If you have a special vehicle or a rare make and model, you’ll want to know if the mechanic has ever worked on your type of car before. No two makes and models are created alike and an inexperienced mechanic can do more damage if they’re trying to repair a car they know nothing about. In some cases, it’s best to take these custom rare cars to the mechanic shop specific to your vehicle’s manufacturer.

– Do You Belong to Any Automotive Associations?

Auto shops often belong to different associations that are strict when it comes to regulations and licenses. If your auto mechanic is not part of an association, such as AAA, they may not be licensed. These associations cost money to be a member of, so mechanics will need to adhere to the specific guidelines that the association has set for them. This prevents you from having your car worked on by someone claiming to be an auto mechanic and who might not have any training or legal licensing.

– Will My Estimate Be Free and Will You Give Me a Flat Rate Price?

It’s no surprise that having your car worked on for any type of problem can be a costly endeavor that leaves you feeling aggravated and frustrated. What makes this worse is when you go into an auto shop and receive one price only to find that you leave paying hundreds more than you initially thought. Before you have any work done, you need to ask the mechanic if the estimate of damage repair will be free. This prevents you from having to pay for an estimate if you don’t even want to use the shop afterwards for the actual work.

When it comes to getting the work done, you need to know how much the repairs will cost you before signing anything. Get the names of anyone who is telling you prices so that you can utilize this information if anyone should question the costs associated with your car’s repairs. Get it in writing what the work will cost you so that the shop can’t hike up the price once everything is done. The last thing you want to do is leave the shop after being told that you’ll only pay a few hundred dollars and wind up actually paying thousands because they were constantly adding on fees and charges.

Besides asking these vital questions, it’s also crucial that you find a quality repair shop to bring your vehicles. Ask friends, relatives and coworkers where they get their car repaired and who they rely on. This information will allow you to find a great shop you can trust and know that they’ll give you a fair price. If you have a bad experience in a shop, don’t go there again thinking they’ll change. Reviews on the specific shop can give you some insight into other people’s experiences there before you step foot in the door.


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