Great Value for Money Autoparts

Great Value for Money Autoparts

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for Money Auto Parts

Reputable auto parts recycling specialists based in Adelaide, Australia have a good reputation for providing customers with quality, guaranteed spares. Professionals dismantle good used quality cars ranging from:-

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
  • Kia

Why pay for newparts for your motor when you can pay around 50% less buying from a car wrecker in Adelaide? Friendly staff can also provide you with professional advice about parts available for cars, commercial vehicles as well as 4×4 wheel drives.

Choose the warranty that’s right for you

Did you know that buying recycled auto parts is also an economical choice compared to the price of a new part? You can still enjoy a good quality product at a fraction of the cost of buying spares brand new. Browse state-of-the-art live computerised inventory systems when searching for a part for your vehicle. Expert car wreckers based in Adelaide excel is dismantling quality low km model vehicles with many parts already shelved for prompt delivery. What’s more there’s always new stock arriving daily.

For peace of mind, reliable auto parts firms can provide you with four levels of warranty, for instance:-

  • Standard – this includes minimum coverage, three month’s replacement and installation labour only.
  • Silver – this particular level of warranty is the most popular. Included in the package is six month’s replacement and six month’s labour, highly recommended.
  • Gold – the gold enhanced cover offers twelve month’s replacement and twelve month’s labour.
  • Platinum – this is the complete warranty coverage. Benefit from lifetime replacement and twelve month’s labour.

If you’re a little unsure which level of warranty to buy, get in touch with an online adviser.

Begin your search for spare auto parts today

Whatever make or model your motor is, it’s so easy to search for spare auto parts online. To begin searching, just provide a few details online like:-

  • The make of your vehicle
  • The model of your vehicle
  • The year of your vehicle
  • Parts required
  • Any advance parts required
  • Colour

There’s an amazing range of spare auto parts to choose from. Maybe you’re after an alternator, a catalytic converter, fan heater, door handle, gear box or a steering pump. Car wreckers, located Down Under, also provide a three month guarantee on all spare parts.

Interesting and informative online blogs

If you’re interested in motors in general, there are plenty of interesting and informative online blogs to read, for instance:-

  • The next Holden Commodore made in Germany
  • The latest Nissan model to leave the shop floor
  • Top ten petrol and diesel cars
  • Colours of cars trending at the moment

It’s always a good idea to check out helpful blogs, handy hints, tips and advice if you’re thinking about ordering spare auto parts online.

For general spare parts enquiries, sales or customer service, just complete an online form and submit your message. A team member will get back to you quickly.