Factors to Consider When Buying a Minibus for your School in the UK

Factors to Consider When Buying a Minibus for your School in the UK

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The need for reliable group transport in schools has resulted in many UK schools investing in minibuses as their preferred means of transport. Having access to school transport allows schools to carry out their activities without the hustle of having to hire vehicles which can be quite cumbersome and even dangerous if the vehicle hired is not up to standard. When you decide to purchase a minibus for your school there are several options from which you can choose. The most dominant in the UK school market are Ford and Peugeot minibuses. Among the newest in the market are the 9-seater Ford Tourneo and 9-14 seat Peugeot Legaro introduced in spring 2014. Do not have enough money to make the purchase? There is no need to carry out a fundraising; there are finance plans and contract hire plans that allow you to work within your budget. You can pay a little at a time making the purchase so much easier.  You also need to shop around to get the best deal on for your school minibus that compare prices with uk insunace brokers checking comparative web site like

When you venture into the market looking for a minibus for your school, there are some considerations you need to bear in mind:

The right minibus

There are so many minibuses out there suited for different purposes and sold at different prices. Consider what your school needs in terms of capacity and settle for one that is within your budget. Carefully asses what your current transport needs are as well as what they will be in the near future. You should also consider the manufacturer of the minibus you purchase as this will determine the quality of the vehicle. The best solution is to seek expert advice before making the final decision to ensure you get a size that will serve your needs.

Who will be riding in the minibus?

If your school has disabled students or plan to enroll some in the future, the minibus you purchase should have appropriate mobility access capabilities. If so, consult with specialist suppliers who will offer you customized solutions as per your specifications. If possible choose the new options with removable seats to allow you to create wheelchair space and/or increase the luggage capacity.

Driving requirements

Recently, there have been changes to the driving license rules in the UK. Those who had their licenses after 19th January 2013 are more restricted in terms of the vehicles they can drive than those who got them before. Those with D1 category and B category licenses obtained before the aforementioned date can drive (insured) minibuses of up to 16passengers and minibuses of up to 3500kg in weight respectively. The latter must be over 21 years in age and have had the license for more than two years. Those who got their driving licenses after 19th January 2013 can only drive minibuses with a maximum of 8 passengers as long as the vehicle does not weigh more than 3500kg.

New vs. used vehicle

A used minibus is so much more affordable than a brand new one. When making the choice however make sure you get a vehicle that is in good shape. While for new minibuses you will be offered a warranty of 3years that for used minibuses is 12months. Minibuses sold to schools as used will usually have been contracted to schools previously and taken back by the supplier after the contract is over and refurbished for sale.

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