Buy A Palmer Administrative Services Extended Warranty Today For Fewer Worries Tomorrow

Buy A Palmer Administrative Services Extended Warranty Today For Fewer Worries Tomorrow

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Consumers often ask if the additional expense for an extended warranty for a car. After all, if you are buying a new car it often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are buying a used car, the dealer may offer some type of warranty on it. However, the extended warranty covers the cost of repairs after other warranties expire. Palmer Administrative Services offers coverage for your car that provides similar protection once the manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty expires. You enjoy the same trouble-free driving with confidence your extended warranty protects you from the cost of auto repairs.

The typical manufacturer’s warranty covers the vehicle for a specific time or number of miles you drive the car. Many manufacturers offer the same 36-month or 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty they offered 40 years ago. However, the modern driver often uses up the 36,000 miles long before the three years is up. Once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, the consumer becomes responsible for any costly repairs, unless he purchases an extended warranty.

Palmer Administrative Services extended auto warranty covers the cost of automobile repair and prevents those unexpected expenses. Palmer offers several different extended plans that vary in cost and provide differing levels of coverage. Some cover just the engine or power train while others offer bumper-to-bumper coverage. If your vehicle is near the end of its manufacturer’s warranty or you are buying a used vehicle without an existing warranty, Palmer offers products to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses due to an unexpected auto repair bill.

For many years, the trend was to buy a new car every three years. However, as automobiles have increased in price, there is a developing trend for consumers to keep their cars longer. This can leave the consumer operating a vehicle beyond its original manufacturer’s warranty. The longer you drive a car, the greater the chance it will need major repairs. Palmer Administrative sells an extended auto warranty to cover the expenses of repairs for vehicles once the manufacturer’s warranty ends

On the average in the United States, drivers operate their vehicle for 15,000 miles annually. While most modern cars are designed to last over 100,000 miles, this should not cause problems. However, once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, you must pay for any necessary repairs. Without an extended warranty, you could drive a vehicle twice as long without protection as you drive it under the manufacturer’s warranty. It is in those miles after the manufacturer’s warranty ends that your vehicle is most likely to need repair.

Inflation has affected more than just the cost of a new car. It has also caused the cost of car repairs to increase. The rising costs of auto repair could leave you owing thousands of dollars for an electrical or mechanical problem with your car. Many Palmer Administrative Services customers report that they paid for their extended warranty with a single major repair on their vehicle.

It is expensive to replace a car engine. As of 2017, the average cost is between $2500 and $4000, while the average cost of replacing a transmission is between $1800 and $3500. The car’s on-board computer or air conditioning could also fail. Even with more reliable vehicles, there is always the potential for an unexpected repair before you can drive it again.

Purchasing an extended warranty from Palmer Administrative Services helps to keep your vehicle on the road without breaking your bank to pay for necessary car repairs. The warranty covers the cost of auto repair and ensures it remains in top running condition. Because you can make the repairs when necessary, your vehicle maintains its highest potential resell value.

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