You Should Put These 4 Hawker Centres in Penang on Your Must-Visit List

You Should Put These 4 Hawker Centres in Penang on Your Must-Visit List

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On your next visit to Malaysia, consider going to Penang for a change. It is not like Kuala Lumpur with all its tall buildings, but it does have marvels of its own. Here you can visit the Georgetown streets, where it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being able to preserve the old-world architecture of the city. You can also see unique street art depicting the lives of the Penang island locals, and it is filled with one-of-a-kind shops and cafes you would not find anywhere else in Malaysia.

But Penang is also a good place to visit for something else: the hawker centres. Much like food parks, hawker centres are filled with food booths and shops that serve the best local dishes. The best part is you can find them everywhere in the city, so it might be a good idea to bring a car with you so you can make a food trip out of it. However, before you look through a list of compact cars like an MPV and car renting fees, look over this list of some of the go-to hawker centres to guide you on this epic food trip.

Gurney Drive Hawker Stalls

This is one of the most popular hawker sites in Penang. It has stalls that offer the biggest variety of street food and is the perfect place to start if you are a food enthusiast looking for the unique taste. Try the Char KoayKak, it is a local dish that is made of stir-fried bean sprouts and white radish, with egg, pork, and chili. You will have to get used to crowds, though, because Gurney Drive can be cramped since it has a cafeteria style of dining.

LorongBaru Hawker Centre (New Lane)

Every 4:00 in the afternoon, LorongBarustreet in Georgetown is closed off and turns into an outdoor hawker food centre, with pushcarts and stalls all teeming with the best in local cuisine. You will see colourful plastic chairs and tables being prepared by the road and people eating the most delicious delicacies that can only be found here. A dish that you might want to try out is the Char KwayTeow, a flat rice noodle with prawns and chili. You should also try the Chee Cheong Fun which are rice noodle rolls.

LebuhPresgrave Hawker Stalls

This is one of the most obscure hawker centres in Penang because not a lot of tourists find out about this, it has been a bit like the secret hawker place among locals. Some of the tastiest dishes can be found here, and if you are more of a late night eater, this is the place you should be visiting. You have to try their famous bowl of prawn noodles from 88 Hokkienmee, with a chili add-on for an extra kick. Other dishes you should set your stomach on trying are WantanMee, fried oysters, and LorBak.

Long Beach Food Court

Another popular hawker centre is the Long Beach Food Court. Stalls here serve a variety of local and international dishes, including local delicacies like the Char KwayTeow, Satay, and the Spicy Curry Chee Cheong Fun. You should also try their Japanese Tepanyaki and pizza offerings.

This food trip in Penang is going to be filled with unique local dishes and international favourites done with a twist. And to make it even better, consider renting multi-purpose vehicles like the Toyota Sienta. Not only are you going to look stylish, with the Sienta’s colour and funky, modern look, but more of your friends can join. It is a 7-seater MPV that is spacious and comfortable for all. The engine is built to be efficient and does not sip gas quickly. So this is the perfect vehicle to bring on your food road trip. Do you have your eating pants on? Then get ready to eat a lifetime’s worth of food!