Work in Progress: Are You Doing Everything You Can to Protect Your Vehicle from Damage?

Work in Progress: Are You Doing Everything You Can to Protect Your Vehicle from Damage?

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Most of us rely greatly on the dependability of our cars and trucks. But do we do everything possible to protect our vehicles from damage. There are a few simple maintenance chores that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking sharp.  Keeping it clean, having a routine checkup, and keeping it cool are important tasks to keep your vehicle dependable.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the inside of the car clean is a simple step you can take to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle from damage. The sun and heat can fade and crack the paint. The dust and dirt that build up both inside and outside of the car can create micro scratches in the paint and on the dash.

Roll on bedliner paint protects vehicles from the elements as well as truck beds from rough cargo loads. This paint can be used within the bed liner of a truck or on a vehicle. It restores scratched vehicles, is anti-corrosive, durable, will not rust, and weather and heat resistant. It helps maintain the look of the vehicle for years to come.  It is an easy DIY roll or spray on application that protects your vehicle from the elements and helps keep it clean from rust.

Keep It Safe

Check the tire pressure often. Underinflated tires can lead to blowouts. Changes in temperature effect the air pressure of tires so be sure to check them monthly and following heat or cold fronts. The same goes for the fluids. Chances of your vehicle overheating increase greatly when fluids are below recommended levels. Be sure to check them regularly.  Your cooling system for your engine and your interior cooling (aka air conditioning) need to be in running order. Always keep an alert well informed eye on your vehicle as well as take it in to a professional for routine checkups.

Keep It Cool

Take simple steps to protect your vehicle from the heat of the sun. The interior of the car can quickly rise exceeding 150F. In fact, the internal temperature of a car can get so hot you can bake cookies! Parking in the shade, using a windshield protector, seat covers, and applying a conditioner to leather seats often will help prevent sun damage. The sun and heat can crack and tear the seats, fade the dash, and dull the exterior paint over time. When parked, and able, keep the windows cracked to equalize the internal air pressure and lower the temperature. Waxing will also help protect the exterior from UV rays.

These simple steps are easy to push to the side and forget, but they are essential in maintaining a reliable vehicle. Keeping your vehicle clean and free of dust will maintain the quality and resale value of the vehicle. It will prevent scratches and rust. Having a routine checkup and keeping your eye on tires and fluid levels will protect you from potential crashes, blown tires, broken gaskets, and much more. Taking special care to keep your car cool will give you a more pleasurable experience when behind the wheel. Take care of your vehicle and she will take care of you.