Why You Should Buy a 2017 Honda Accord

Why You Should Buy a 2017 Honda Accord

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Having a reliable car is essential in cities like Edmonton, which, despite recent growth, are still relatively isolated from other areas of the nation and which are subject to very cold winters with snow drifts that sit for months. The Honda Accord has been a top-selling car for years for very good reason: It’s one of the most reliable cars around. A major update last year brought even better safety and handling features to the model, and if you want to buy a new 2017 Honda Accord in Edmonton, you are making the right choice.

Continuing With Safety and Choice

The 2017 version of the Accord makes some minor tweaks to the massive changes the company introduced in 2016. Still present are the space and comfort — and great handling — that have made this car a winner for years, but now you get the added bonuses of a rearview camera, lane-keeping assist system, an improved braking system, and adaptive cruise control (collectively known as the Honda Sensing system). For 2017 models in particular, you now get a new powertrain and a host of optional perks in the fancier trim packages. The car also comes with a choice of transmissions, including an automatic, CVT, and a manual.

Edmonton residents will be happy to hear of the addition of the Sport Special Edition, which offers heated leather seats, a welcome feature during winter. The car is just as enjoyable to use in summer, though, with efficient air conditioning and great visibility.

For those buying a 2017 Honda Accord in Edmonton, the speed and fuel economy of the model should be major selling points. If you tend to take long road trips, the efficient use of fuel will help your budget down the line, and the handling will make longer trips less of a hassle.

The 2017 Honda Accord is available in so many different variations that any buyer should be able to find a model that suits their needs perfectly. Previous owners have asked for a volume knob on the infotainment system, and that feature is yet to be added; other than that, however, drivers will not lack for choice.

If you are determined to buy a 2017 Honda Accord, now’s the time to start investigating financing. Talk to the dealership to see what interest rates you qualify for and what loan you can get. The dealership wants to work with you to ensure you drive off the lot in a car that will keep you safer and happier than other models on the road.

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