Why Renting a Campervan in Las Vegas Makes Sense

Why Renting a Campervan in Las Vegas Makes Sense

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While most people think of Las Vegas as a hub for hotels, it is also the ideal place to rent a campervan and stay for a while. While you do not have to stay in Las Vegas itself, it still is a great locale to pick up a campervan and camp in one or more of the nearby natural areas.

Sleep Under the Stars at Night

 By simply renting a campervan in Las Vegas, you can instantly unlock the doors to places that are open for discovery. In fact, campgrounds are located all around the hustling and bustling gaming capital. Therefore, you can see star performances in town and sleep under the stars at night.

The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Campgrounds in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, for example, permit you to ride a horse or hike over canyon terrains. At many of the state’s parks, you can set up camp in a place that is idyllically surrounded by red rock terrains and stone configurations that seem to pick up the energy of the evening light. Both petroglyphs and petrified wood can be seen while hiking in these areas.

The Lake Mead Recreational Area

You may also want to book a campervan rental in Las Vegas to enjoy the scenery of the Lake Mead Recreational Area. Lake Mead is a popular water escape in this part of the desert. You can hook up a boat to your campervan and enjoy boating or skip the boat and swim in the refreshing lake.

The Valley of Fire State Park

You may also want to relax and camp at the state’s biggest and oldest state park, also known as the Valley of Fire State Park. You will want to spend more than one night in order to enjoy the landscape. The Atlatl Rock Campground in the park permits campfires and potable water is available as well. You can also bring your pet if you so choose.

Admiring a Sunset Sky

Campers can enter the park with a campervan or bring their own tent. Setting up a home base is easy, especially when you are greeted by a sunset sky. While you can spend time enjoying the lights of Las Vegas, you will also cherish the time you spend looking at the lights in the sky.

While you are camping at the Atlatl Rock Campground, you can also enjoy activities such as climbing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Showers and RV hookups are featured too. Therefore, you can plan a Las Vegas holiday that includes camping out under the stars and enjoying the entertainment in the city.

If you wish to see Las Vegas but want to combine the experience with outdoor activities, you will want to rent a campervan. Go online today to review the amenities and offerings.