Why Are Snow Tires Required And What You Should Know?

Why Are Snow Tires Required And What You Should Know?

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There is a need to buy snow tires in places receiving high snow and if you are into driving frequently and this is because only then your car will have a grip on the ice and snow. Winter tires have better grip on ice and snow in comparison to the all-season tires.

In the past considering snow tires was not really comfortable. This was because of the chunky treads, but slowly with studless snow tires, now the cars roll comfortably and quietly. Of course, the snow studded tires do clatter noisily.

The rubber wears out of the snow tires faster than the all-season tires, but definitely the good models last more than 20,000 miles, that is around three winters.

Winter tires do not carry warranties against treadwear, but the best carry a warranty of five year against materials and workmanship defects.

What you should know?

Do you need all-season tires or winter tires? If you drive regularly on icy or snowy roads, considering any winter tire is best as it will climb better, stop faster and prevent car from sliding the icy corners effectively in comparison to all-season tires. In case there is no ice or snow, the winter tires will perform better and stay softer in cold temperatures.

Consider studded winter tires so that it has metal teeth built-in to bite into ice. It offers better grip on the ice in comparison to the studless versions. However they damage pavement and are noisy. Nevertheless, some places studs are very helpful if the temperatures go near zero. There is no doubt that studded models offer a better grip on ice and out-perform the studless models that have advanced winter tread compounds staying pliable in the cold.

Buy matching winter tires. You may consider buying two winter tires and saving money. That is of no use as two wheels hold grip and two does not and this may easily pinwheel your vehicle out of control.

The tire shops charge per tire charge to mount and also balance, while some may charge more. In fact, few include installation cost in the tire price.  The retailers may have a stock, so instead of waiting for the snow, you can go ahead to purchasing in the fall.

Getting them installed is a must. Buying directly from Pmctire is beneficial as they will immediately install the snow tires. There are many online retailers also offering a great tires selection, but you have to again shop to install them.