When the Past Meets the Future: Why the Next Decade of Car Technology Will Blow Our Minds

When the Past Meets the Future: Why the Next Decade of Car Technology Will Blow Our Minds

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Driving technology is changing at a rapid pace. Every year, new developments come out that amaze us all. Some of the predictions being made for the next decade are really going to change how we drive, and here are some of the most incredible technologies that will become reality in the next 10 years.

Cars Go Fully Autonomous

Cars have already started to include autonomous features like cruise control. But while these features will continue to advance and provide the vehicles with more control, the true revolution will come when the cars take over the driving completely.

It could happen within the next 10 years. While not all cars on the road are likely to be self-driving 10 years from now, a lot of them will be. It will completely change the way we drive, improving safety and speeding up journey times, and it’s not that far away.

Big Data Comes to Cars

Over the next decade, big data is also going to affect the driving experience. Everything will be connected, including your car, and this will lead to new types of marketing opportunities.

For example, you may receive a targeted ad at the exact moment you pass a store. This may be based on an action you took a week ago, like booking your next vacation. You may not like the idea of such targeted marketing, but it is going to happen.

Holographic Displays

Modern cars like the Dodge Charger already have excellent infotainment systems. But displays are set to improve greatly over the next decade. Some manufacturers are already working on holographic displays, which include color images projected to the driver to provide directions, maps, and more. Expect to see this technology develop.

Cars Will Start Talking to Each Other

Part of being autonomous means that more cars will talk to each other. They will all be connected in one system, and that means they will know where traffic is slow, where there is an accident, and more. They will be able to avoid each other, and they will even communicate with traffic lights.

Night Vision

The idea of having night vision in cars is not new, but over the next decade it could finally take off and go mainstream. Being able to see outside the vehicle at night as if it were daytime could make driving at night a lot safer.

Charging Over the Air

This might not happen in the next decade, but it could do. Gadgets are already charging up without cables, and it’s fair to assume that cars won’t be too far behind. Once all cars are powered by electricity, which is becoming increasingly likely will happen in the near future, it makes sense to make charging them up easier.

The Future Is Coming

Driving is set to change completely over the next decade. These are just some of the most exciting technologies that we are likely to see emerge. They will make driving safer and more enjoyable for everyone, and they cannot come soon enough.

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