What Breed of Dog Is Best for an Active Family?

What Breed of Dog Is Best for an Active Family?

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If you have an active family then you will want to make sure that any new pets fit in with your adventurous lifestyle. Whether you go hiking and cycling together or enjoy letting off steam in the local park, finding the perfect breed of dog is vital.

So, which kind of pooch could keep up with you and your family? There are numerous breeds that you might be interested in and that will love getting out to walk, play and have fun with you all.

Border Collie

Loveable border collies are among the most tireless and intelligent dog breeds out there. These little fellows are extremely active, so you will need to be sure that you are going to give him the exercise and stimulation that he craves.

This breed has a long history as a hunting dog and as a working dog, particularly on farms. They love to please their families and are virtually insatiable when it comes to running around and enjoying the good life.

The only possible downside to this energetic nature is that it can be difficult for first time dog owners to handle a border collie. Ideally, you will already have enough canine experience to help him channel his energy and enthusiasm in the right ways.


These small and active dogs simply love getting out to play no matter where and when it happens. If you are planning on trips to the forest or to the hills then this fellow is an ideal type of companion to have.

Because of their compact size, you can take beagles away easily even if you don’t have a huge car to carry them in. Just remember to put down a boot liner to stop him from messing up the interior of your vehicle when he gets wet or dirty.

Of course, this is a very cute type of dog that has a terrific personality as well. They get on extremely well with kids and the only real problem you might have is that they are trickier to train than some other breeds.


Beautiful boxers also make for excellent pets in a family that loves to get out and about. This is a breed that is famous for being energetic and highly intelligent too.


If you want some cool company while you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle then this chap is definitely one to consider. They are great with children, very loyal and are pretty low maintenance as well.

Perhaps the only major drawback with this breed is that they can get destructive if they don’t get enough exercise. However, if this isn’t going to be an issue then you will have a wonderful, active relationship with this dog.

Golden Retriever

Anyone who ever had a Golden Retriever in the family when they were a kid knows that this is an unforgettable companion. This friendly and playful breed is absolutely ideal for playing with kids of any age.

A Golden Retriever is also the sort of pet that you can take anywhere. He will love jumping in the river as much as he loves running in the open fields or climbing a hill.

The way that he is so active and gets around so much means that the rest of the group is likely to be completely exhausted before he shows any sign of fatigue. You will probably need quite a big vehicle to transport him around in, while the likes of Land Rover boot liners are also pretty much essential.

Irish Setter

There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. In addition, this is a gentle and playful breed that loves to be kids.

The Irish Setter is one of those types of dog that really needs to get out and get a lot of exercise. This is great news if you want to enjoy an active lifestyle with him but if you lack the time to do it then it could eventually become a problem.

Don’t forget that these dogs grow up to a big size and need a reasonable amount of maintenance too. This certainly isn’t the easiest option for a family pet but he will give you a lot of pleasure over the years.

The right choice of family pet can help your family to live life to the full and get a lot more exercise. If you choose one of the breeds listed here then it could turn out to be one of your greatest ever moves.

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