Types of Snowmobile Repair Manuals and Their Importance

Types of Snowmobile Repair Manuals and Their Importance

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If you live somewhere the climate includes a winter season with substantial snowfall, there is a good chance that people around you enjoy snowmobiling.  It’s not only a fun recreational activity, but a good way to get around in snowy days and even a way to be prepared for an emergency winter storm.

If you own a snowmobile and use it for any of the above purposes, or you’re looking into purchasing your first machine, you need to consider a good repair manual.  Not only will it help you save considerable money in maintenance and repair costs, but it will help you understand your equipment better, which will help you to use it more effectively, and might enable you to perform a field repair that will suffice to get yourself home in the event of a breakdown.

Third Party Repair Manuals

Third party repair manuals are usually written by mechanics, and are published by companies to sell to people who are interested in performing their own service to their snowmobile.  Manuals will be specific to one, or in some cases, a number of similar models, and usually based on a complete tear-down and reassembly of a model.  Most maintenance and repair tasks will be directly addressed, and referred to in pictures and with written instructions for completion.  They do not expect that the person doing the service is a snowmobile technician, but that they own and know how to use most common mechanic’s tools.

Factory Service Manuals

A factory service manual is provided by your snowmobile’s manufacturer, and provides information that is specific to your particular make and model.  These manuals are often purchased by repair shops, to provide their technicians with the information they need about factory parts, equipment measurements and tolerances, and the exact specification of all parts of the machine.  They won’t have information about how to perform specific tasks, but they will tell you exactly how each and every part of the machine should be installed.  For example, all factory part numbers and fastener torque specifications will be in a Factory Service or “Shop” manual.

So, what do you need?

Optimally, you would have both manuals.  If you’re not an experienced snowmobile technician, the Third Party Repair manual is probably going to be used more frequently than a Factory Service Manual.  If you’re just starting out, you should probably start here.

Importance of a Repair Manual

If you’re going to maintain and service your own snowmobile, you need the right equipment, including the right information.  Snowmobiles are designed to be used in winter weather conditions, which can be dangerous.  Having your machine working properly is essential for your enjoyment, and also your safety.  A proper repair manual (or manuals) will help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape, ready for the next snowfall.


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