Turning Your Automotive Hobby into a Career

Turning Your Automotive Hobby into a Career

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If you love cars and working on them, you may want to consider turning your hobby into a career. Working in the automotive industry can be very lucrative, especially if you understand how to repair some of the more difficult car problems. There are many different things you can do if you understand vehicles including repairs, body work, and other specialisations. However, before you can turn your interest into a paying job, there are a few things you should do to prepare yourself.

Have an Interest in Automobiles

If you’re not really interested in cars, you probably don’t want to enter this field. The first thing you should do is see if you even like working on vehicles. You may already know this. Some people start out tinkering with cars with one of their parents, relatives, or friends. You might have helped someone repair a classic car or work on his or her current vehicle. Did you enjoy it and did working on it seem to come easily to you? If so, this might be the right career for you.

Learn All That You Can

You might start learning how to work on cars from an older relative or a friend. That can be a good base but to make this a career, you have to study and learn all that you can about working on a car. This includes learning how to do some of the maintenance and repairs that can only be done by licensed mechanics. To do this, you need to take an automotive course that focuses on vehicle repair. You should also take courses in automotive electrical systems, body work, and other types of repair and maintenance so you can learn as much as possible about working on cars.

Do an Apprenticeship

Working under a licensed mechanic as an apprentice is a great way of gaining practical experience while continuing your education with hands-on work. You’ll be able to put all of your coursework into action plus learn things that you didn’t learn from a textbook. This is also a great way to begin your career in the automotive industry. Many times, you’ll get a job offer after you finish your apprenticeship so you’ll be able to continue working in the same place. Even if you don’t get a job there, you may make connections in the industry that help you get a full-time job elsewhere.

Entering the Career Later in Life

If you’ve decided you want to make a career change, you can still follow the traditional path to getting a job as a mechanic. You will still need to complete your coursework and earn the licenses needed to work on vehicles. You may not necessarily need to go through an apprenticeship, though, especially if you’ve already worked on your own cars for years. However, you will certainly need to be able to show that you do have the education, skills, and experience needed to properly diagnose and repair vehicles in order to get a job.

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