Top 5 Things To Consider While Shipping A Car In Australia

Top 5 Things To Consider While Shipping A Car In Australia

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Planning to move interstate and wondering how you are going to transport your car? If you have energy and time, you can consider driving your car to your new destination. However, the smarter option always is to hire a professional car transport service because it will give you a great peace of mind and reduce your stress to a minimum.

Transporting a car is a huge process and not something you do every day. If you haven’t yet used a car shipping company, you will have to consider many things so as to know what to expect and how to prepare.

1. Variation in Prices

Prices for car transportation vary tremendously. It’s ideal to ask questions about the variation in pricing because it may be connected to what services one company is providing that another doesn’t or with valuation of your belongings.

Prices may also change due to the weight of the car, the distance to be travelled, how fast you want the car transported and the time of the year you are transporting and many more factors.

Remember to compare “apples to apples” and find offers that promise timely and safe delivery.

Also keep in mind, never sign a contract if it hasn’t thoroughly explained all the prices. You certainly don’t want to get unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden charges. Don’t accept verbal promises.

2. Give Priority to Safety

Marine and Auto Depot, a company which offers car packing Sydney, warns that if your car is not in a covered container, there are high chances of damage from flying dust, debris and even rain. Cars loaded on trucks are exposed to the weather elements as well as likeliness of the truck meeting with an accident.

While choosing an interstate car shipping company, look for one that can provide a transportation container to place your car in.

Also make sure that the company is fully licensed, insured and bonded. Don’t forget to verify if your car insurance applies during shipping.

3. Door to Door Pick Up Service

Most car shipping companies pick up your car at your home and transport it to your new home. This can truly save time and offer convenience while you are in the middle of moving.

Conversely, cars will often need to be delivered and picked up from the train freight depot and can pose some sort of inconvenience.

Although door-to-door transport is normally considered to be neat, in some situations using a terminal, like an open storage available for boats and cars, may be a better alternative especially when you have ample time in hand and have a limited budget.

4. Making Your Car Ready for Transport

Only you are totally responsible for making your car ready for shipping. Mechanical issues can lead to delays and damages and so, it’s essential to perform a maintenance check prior to shipping your car.

Do the following things to make sure if your car is in proper working condition:

  • Empty your petrol tank
  • Check your car for any leaks or to see if anything is loose, e.g. roof rack
  • In case of any problems, include them in the written document and make sure that the driver knows about them.
  • Check tyres and ensure that battery is fully charged
  • Top up all liquids in the car

5. Take Away all Personal and Custom Belongings from the Car

Personal items or custom products like TV, GPS, Toll or parking passes or any other removable items should be removed before you hand over the car for shipping. The transporter’s insurance may cover your vehicle but may not cover any custom or personal items you have inside the car.

These tips will help you in getting your car in a safe and sound condition at your new destination.