Tips to Help You Effectively Negotiate on Car Prices

Tips to Help You Effectively Negotiate on Car Prices

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Most of the people do not possess good negotiation skills. Poor skills may make them pay more when buying a car. For people who find price negotiation to be a conflict and hassle would surely benefit by these tips.

Let the salesperson know that you are an informed buyer

It is best to visit Mercedes dealership when shopping for a new or used Mercedes car. Tell the salesperson that you are interested in discussing the purchase price of the car. The salesperson will talk to the manager and then present you the price. This is the starting place of negotiation.

You can respond to the salesperson by telling them that you have also done a lot of research on the car. Offer them the price quotation that you have got from another dealer. This is the right way to start off with negotiation and arrive at a fair deal. There is a good possibility that the salesperson jumps to the low level of the dealer’s pricing structure.

Get the right price of the car

Knowing the exact price of the car that you plan to buy is the basis for negotiation. To know the price, you can use several ways such as calling nearby dealers, asking internet sales manager and searching Edmunds’ inventory, to get a wide range of car prices. Along with this, you can even learn about the special offers that are currently provided by the dealers in the area you live.

Use TMV pricing

TMV pricing is one of the effective ways to form a negotiating strategy. You need to look at the options and trim level on the car to ensure that you are making a precise comparison. This is especially beneficial when you are shopping for a brand-new car.

Pay attention to the TMV price and check where it lies with respect to the “suggested retail price” by the manufacturer and the invoice price. When shopping for a used car, you need to check the “dealer retail TMV” price. TMV is just an average and the target of the buyer should be to get a price quote under this price.

If you are putting an offer, you need to prepare yourself in advance for your opening offer, way to counter the offer made by the dealer and your highest price. This advance preparation will prevent you from getting flustered.


A little change in perspective and simple negotiating tricks can save one from spending thousands of dollars when buying your dream car. By implementing these beneficial tips, you can easily negotiate on a used or a new car.