Things Worth Knowing About Dog Car Safety!

Things Worth Knowing About Dog Car Safety!

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Dogs love outdoor activities, just like humans. Many pet owners often travel with their pets for small and long distances, and as long as you take enough preventive steps, the journey can be fun. In this post, we will discuss a few things about dog car safety.

  • First things first, your dog cannot travel in the front seat, no matter how trained or well-behaved. The driver will have a tough time focusing on the road, when an animal is panting and barking next to him.
  • Get a harness. You will find many brands that design car harness for dogs, and this is one of the many must-haves on this list. Harnesses can keep the animal secure and safe, without a crate. Let’s agree on one thing – most dogs don’t like to be contained in a crate, and therefore, a harness is a safer option.

  • Keep the medicines handy. Is your dog prone to motion sickness? Talk to your vet to know if any medicine can help the animal along the way. Also, keep a bag of his usual medicines handy, because you never know if the animal would fall sick.
  • Get a seat cover. Well, dogs, at least some of the breeds, tend to shed a lot, and cleaning your car can be a holy mess. A good seat cover is a must to protect the interiors. Also, some are designed like a hammock, so it can add to dog safety.
  • Make sure that the dog is feeling well. Some dogs can get tired on long trips, and if you are planning something like that, you need to take a few small drives to see if the animal feels well. Too much drooling and panting is not a good sign.

Other things that matter

Traveling with your pet in a car can be risky, if you have smaller kids. Make sure that the dog is well secured and the windows are closed. Also, an adult must be present in the back seat to monitor the dog. As required, always stop and offer water to the animal. Instead of the dry food packets, buy a few pouches of wet food, which are great for journeys and have more water content that dogs love.

For bigger breeds, you need to ensure that the seat is big enough to accommodate the anima. Check online now to find the best dog harnesses for cars.

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