The right Suspension for your motorcycle!

The right Suspension for your motorcycle!

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Do you have a motorcycle that makes you feel every stone and bump on the road? Suspensions in your motorcycle are meant to protect you from the pain and bumps of road travel so if you are feeling this way, then perhaps it is time to make a switch from the current suspensions you have on your bike and save yourself some discomfort on the roads!

What is suspension?

The original use of the motorcycle suspension is made for use on roads. If you are keen on off-road riding besides the normal use or if your bike needs to carry more weight than it was planned to then it’s more likely than not, the original suspension in your motorcycle is not able to handle this. Be it heavy luggage for a tour, track days or racing. If your suspension starts to feel different from the way you would like to have it, you will then need to look at a higher range of shock absorbers for your riding.

What should you look for? 

So what should you be looking out for when buying a new suspension for your bike? Quick summary of how your motorcycle suspension works: coil springs and compression damping determine how your suspension compresses. Rebound damping determines how it uncompresses. The rates at which those two things happen and under what conditions is where the mechanics of suspension, as well as the wear and tear of it kicks in. Now with that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips you should know before making that purchase!

Component Quality: Invest in suspension products that instill confidence that it will pull through in the long haul. You would not want to get a cheaper alternative, only to realize a few weeks later that you are still having the same issues you had before you made the purchase. Take a look at the materials; ask about manufacturing locations and customer reviews. In fact, a quick look online should give you a list of reliable yet value for money options which you can start from and eventually decide on one which you think is the best fit for your bike.

Adjust ability: Does the suspension you are looking at give you the ability to adjust externally the damping and preload? Preload being the weight it takes for the spring to compress one unit while damping refers to both compression and rebound, controlling the speed at which the spring can react. These slight tweaks might be the difference between a much smoother ride as you travel long distance. Good quality suspensions are usually rebuildable – meaning that their components can be easily taken apart and change out worn parts for new ones instead of replacing the entire thing.

Weight: Consideration on how your suspension set up would work with your tires, the weight of your bike, the rider’s weight and your riding style. If you are carrying too much weight for your suspension, you will not be comfortable, regardless of how good it might be. At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable on the bike, regardless of what your friends might choose in terms of suspension for their own bikes.

The best Motorcycle Suspension

So after all this, we have a suggestion to make! Introducing Ohlins suspension for motorcycles! Ohlins was founded in 1976 by Kenth Ohlin and headquartered in Sweden. Today, Ohlins is one of the leading suppliers for top performance suspension parts in the motorcycle industry, with consistent good reviews by satisfied customers. Made of high quality materials, Ohlins is well known and is continually being widely publicized on a global platform for the use of its products in world championship-winning motorcycles across all the race categories such as MotoGP, Formula One, FIA World Endurance Championship, FIA World Rallycross Championship, World Rally Championship, World Superbike Championship and British Superbike Championship.

As of 2017, Öhlins has won over 300 World Championship titles in both motorcycle and automotive classes. But how did it all start? From there, confidence in Ohlins products soared and became the go to suspension system for motorcycle drivers in competitions all around the world.

Why Ohlins?

Ohlins‘s aim from establishment was to provide exceptional product quality at affordable prices and that has resulted in a high take up rate from the moment they started operations. Now, 97% of all Ohlins production from its Sweden production factory exported overseas for distribution to over 50 different countries. Ohlins suspension products are widely used across different range of motorcycles – sport bikes, off-road and dirt bikes for adventure, tours and leisure riding, giving bike riders a smooth ride no matter the terrain. Ohlin suspension system also comes in distinct parts that make for greater flexibility and easier replacement when wear and tear kicks in. The ability to manually adjust onto your bike also gives riders the flexibility to customize their bikes the way they like it. Price wise, Ohlins is very affordable for its quality, allowing access to their top quality products to a wider range of audience globally. At that price point, Ohlins gives you more years on your suspension than their other competitors, being more cost and time efficient than the other brands. Available on many third party online sites or your near automotive garage, why not try Ohlins’s suspension system today? Say bye to discomfort on the roads with Ohlins!

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