The Many Variations of Towing Trailers

The Many Variations of Towing Trailers

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The trailer has been an indispensable addition to the vehicle list, performing many tasks for the motorist, and as time passed and technology advanced, trailer designs became more streamlined and consequently safer. The agricultural sector has long used trailers for many tasks on the farm, and with specially designed low loaders, very heavy vehicles can easily be transported. Here are just a few of the modern trailers and their uses.

Livestock Transporters

Horses, cattle, sheep, and other animals all need to be transported from time to time, and if you happen to be looking for a cattle trailer for sale, there are online trailer suppliers in the UK, with an impressive range of new and used units for all uses. Modern designs focus on the safety and comfort of the livestock, and offer the most cost effective method to transport animals safely.

Car Transporters

Modern versions include tilt deck options, which is the safest way to load a low vehicle and is ideal for performance cars. The vehicle can be slowly driven onto the deck, which then levels when the car reaches the point of pivot balance, and once the deck is securely locked, you have the perfect platform for safe transport. Car transporters would range in size from 14 to 20 feet in length, and with a choice of either 6 or 7 feet widths, which is adequate for most cars.

Tipper Trailers

This is a godsend to the DIY enthusiast or the small builder, and with single hydraulic ramp that is centrally located under the bed, the load can easily be left at any location. These trailers are easy to hook up to a regular car, and with braking and lighting as standard, this handy device can turn your car into a truck whenever you need one.

Camping and Utility Trailers

Light and very strong, this unit offers an enclosed space to store tents, stoves, sleeping bags, and whatever else you plan on taking with you, and with a range of sizes, there’s something for everyone. If you have a family car and like to go camping, this little trailer is the ideal solution, and it allows you to leave the car interior for the passengers only.

Flatbed Trailers

Mainly used commercially, flatbed trailers are used for transporting pallet goods, or anything in crates and with dropdown sides, a forklift can easily access the deck. Twin or even tri-axle designs allow for good weight distribution, which makes this type of trailer very versatile, and it is widely used across many industries.

Boat Trailers

Essential for those fortunate enough to own their own boat that they take out whenever they can find the time, boat trailers are often customised to perfectly accommodate the boat’s hull. Jet ski trailers are also available, with double or triple units for commercial or racing purposes, and such is the range of designs, there is something for every vessel.

Trailers have come a long way in the past twenty years, and with lightweight, strong designs that are stable and reliable, transporting items by trailer has never been safer.

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