The Best Advice for People who are Looking to Buy a Van

The Best Advice for People who are Looking to Buy a Van

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After deciding on the van to purchase, it is time to hit the classifieds. There are many discount van sales out there and some websites advertise thousands of vans for sale across the country. The following are some helpful tips to make sure you come up with a van that is right for you.

List Your Questions

After finding the van that you’re interested in, call the dealer to confirm its availability with some questions that their advertisement has not answered. Know about the special extra fitted, tyre condition, the specific model and the available warranty. Talk to the seller about the price over the phone so that you know how flexible they are. Make sure you reassure them that you are a serious buyer.


Part Exchange the Old Van?

If you currently have a van, ask the dealer if they want to part exchange. Be careful when describing the van and be ready to take some pictures that you will have to send to the dealer so that you have a chance to get the best price for your van. When the dealer won’t give you what your van is worth, try other local dealers or advertise your van for sale in the internet.

Provenance Check

This is meant to see if the van is still in on finance, verify the present mileage or if the van has been in an accident. You can have these checks online for just a few pounds which will definitely give you peace of mind. Also the checks show the seller of your seriousness to purchase the van.


View and Test Drive

Arrange a viewing date. And remember that if you want to drive the van away you have to arrange your van insurance and ensure the dealer has taxed it for you. Today a lot of dealers provide 7-day drive away cover in order to help in overcoming this issue.

View the van in daylight and when you are unsure about mechanical issues take a professional with you. The professional should give the van a once-over on your behalf for a fee. Before you hand over any money ensure your test drive the van. As you test drive, check that everything works including all the lights, radio and the air-con. Make sure there are no annoying rattles inside the van.


On the outside check the tyre’s condition. The tyres should have at least one half of their life left and them. If you’re not very happy with the tyres you can probably ask the vendor for a discount. Check if the paintwork all match. See if the van has gone through some repairs before. Confirm that the repair is not 100%.