Temporary Van insurance

Temporary Van insurance

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If you are running a business that involves a lot of vehicles for transporting goods or people from one place to another, it is only natural that you get insurance for your vehicles so that you don’t suffer huge damages. Though you may own a fleet of vehicles and though you may have many drivers working for you, it is not compulsory that the same driver gets to drive the same vehicle every day.   You have to take a policy in a driver’s name and then add names of drivers that you want to this policy so that you get coverage when your vehicle is involved in an accident.

What do you do in an emergency situation where you have to allow any driver who is available so that your business doesn’t halt? This is where it is important to choose any driver van insurance policy. In this policy, you will get full coverage irrespective of the driver you allot. This is the safest means of van insurance policy for you and you don’t have to depend on one specific driver any longer.  Another option is to take out temp van insurance  for the non named driver, temporary van insurance can vary from 1 day to 28 days and can be booked and paid for securely online with complete documentation available after payment is processed.


Usually, most of the service providers allow you to add up to four drivers in a single van insurance policy. So, even if one driver doesn’t report to work due to personal emergencies, you can still avail the benefits of coverage by choosing one among the remaining three drivers that you have named in the policy. Yes, when you include four drivers in policy, your premium rates would be higher; however, it is worth every dime because it gives you a great deal of protection and the comfort that you can choose from any of the four drivers during times of emergencies. Also, though it may look quite costly from the face of it, it is not so in reality. Taking a single “any driver van insurance policy” with the names of four drivers is cheaper than taking four single van insurance policies.

Also, when you are adding drivers in the insurance policy, you should be very careful about a few factors. The age and driving experience of your drivers matter a lot in deciding the premium amount of your policy.  When all your drivers are under 25 years or so, you should be prepared to pay a huge amount towards premium charges, because young drivers are considered to be highly risky as they are reckless behind the wheels. Select drivers in the age group of 30 or so to negotiate better deals with your service providers in your premium quotes. Choose drivers who have undergone safe driving courses and who have many years of driving experience. When you choose expert drivers, the probability of accidents comes down considerably and thus, you can get good deals on your premium rates from your service provider.

Choose an insurance company who is well-versed in van insurance and the “any driver” segment, particularly. This way, it will be able to guide you better on the advantages, tips to reduce premium amounts and 24/7 support when you have an emergency to deal with.

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