Shopping for Replacement BMW Parts Warranties and Other Important Considerations

Shopping for Replacement BMW Parts Warranties and Other Important Considerations

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Whether you’re looking for aftermarket or OEM BMW parts, the market is booming with business. Modern BMWs are far more reliable than their predecessors were, but eventually even they wear out and need maintenance. Once this happens, you have two choices: you can either drop your car at the nearest garage or BMW dealership or resolve to fix it yourself.

If you elect to do the latter, you will need to find the right parts for your model of vehicle. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, this is now incredibly easy. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can find exactly what you need and have it couriered directly to you.

Shopping for spare or replacement BMW parts can be easy. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

OEM or Aftermarket Car Parts

There are two types of replacement car parts for your BMW: OEM (original equipment manufacturer)or aftermarket.Some stores will only carry one or the other, but many will carry both types of BMW spare parts, such as

  • BMW OEM parts come directly from the vehicle manufacturer. They are the same as the genuine parts the carmaker uses when the vehicle first rolls off the assembly line, they just don’t have the car maker’s logo.
  • BMW aftermarket parts closely resemble the original parts, but they are not manufactured by the same company that made thoseoriginals for the carmaker. Once a vehicle is available on the open market, manufacturers reverse engineer replacement parts. Some BMW aftermarket parts are as good as, if not better, than the originals, because the aftermarket manufacturers often analyze and improve upon them.

Voiding a Vehicle Warranty

The first thing to watch out for is your manufacturer’s warranty. New BMWs are sold with a warranty. This protects you as the owner from major mechanical failures within a specified period of time (or mileage). In other words, if critical engine parts fail, like the head gasket blows, or your new BMW’s clutch fails within three years; the manufacturer will pay for those repairs.

Warranties are generally great, especially if they are free, but you do need to read the small print. Not all vehicle repairs are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Smaller repairs typically fall under general wear and tear, andare your responsibility. You might be tempted to use a local mechanic to fit new brake pads on your bimmer, but check the warranty first.

It is very common for car manufacturers to require that the main dealer carries out all repairs needed during the warranty period, and BMW does the same. If you use an independent garage or aftermarket BMWparts, you will invalidate the warranty.

Aftermarket Performance Issues

Aftermarket BMW car parts are often cheaper, but in some cases, they may negatively affect performance. Not all aftermarket parts are good quality. You may find that lowest-priced BMWparts are inferior, and when you drive a high-performance car you might really feel the difference in quality.

Quality is a big variable in the replacementauto parts market. Only buy BMW parts for sale from a reputable supplier, and if performance reliability is particularly important try to stick to OEM parts. It will cost you more, but paying a few dollars extra is better than fixing it twice or even worse if that weakreplacement would cause more damage to other parts and systems.