Parts Avatar would tell you some common car cleaning mistakes that you can avoid

Parts Avatar would tell you some common car cleaning mistakes that you can avoid

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Cleaning up the car has always been a bit tiring task for all the people. But people still do it because they love their car and want to keep their cars shiny for long. When it comes to car cleaning, then almost all of us are beginners and there is nothing bad in this. Only a few out of us would know the correct procedure to car washing.

There are a lot of car cleaning mistakes which people generally make as they are not fully aware about the car cleaning things. But this can be bad for you and would make you fall in trouble someday.

Cleaning up a car is really a very simple task if you use the correct tools to clean your automobile. Did you know this thing before that there are specific tools to clean your car? And if you not use these tools properly, then they can damage your car as well.

Here are some common cleaning mistakes which you can avoid:

  1. Using a Drying Towel

Using up a drying towel to remove the dirt that has been gathered on your car. Are you missing something which would make your car shiny? Is the towel being used by you is an old towel to wipe the dust and dirt off your car? It is very common amongst the beginners to make this silly mistake as they would use an old towel which would cause scratches on their car.

Using an old towel to clean up your car can turn out to be a very big mistake and it would clear off your car’s paint and would increase scratches on your car. There are a lot of car dusters available in the market and you can always go for them. This way you will surely save your car.

  1. Washing your automobile in direct sunlight

Your car paint can wear off if you will wash your automobile in direct sunlight. One another thing which is dangerous here is that the soapy water would dry off in the sunlight and there would be no time left to wash the soapy water off your car.

  1. Using incorrect Detergents

The dishwashing agents and detergents are not so good and hard on your car and would be really very harmful for your car and the car paint. There detergents are used in the home or for laundry purposes and are not meant for washing the car. Most of us make this silly mistake washing the car with these harmful detergents and then we simply regret later that we should not have done that.

  1. Using just a bucket full of water

If you want your car to glow gorgeously, then make sure that you have squeezed out the dirt from your car in one separate container before you dip in again into the soapy water. Never ever use the same bucket for washing your car. We people generally use only one bucket of water for rinsing the car.

Make it a point to use two separate buckets; one which contains soapy water and the other one should contain clean water to rinse your car. This way you can get rid of just using one bucket for washing your car.

  1. Wiping off the dirt spots if seen after washing

If you ever spot any grime once you have finished washing your car, then clean the area once again. The mistake what we tend to make here is that we use a dry towel instead of washing it once again. The reason behind this is that if you will wipe it with a towel, then the dirt particles would get inserted into the paint and this would scratch the car’s surface.

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