Minor Mistakes, Major Effects:  What Can a Driver Improvement Course Do for You?

Minor Mistakes, Major Effects:  What Can a Driver Improvement Course Do for You?

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Medical bills alone in a serious car wreck often exceed $100,000. The at-fault drivers in these collisions are also financially responsible for lost wages and noneconomic damages, like pain and suffering. These collateral damages could exceed three or four times the medical expenses.

Most Texas drivers only have about $55,000 worth of insurance in these crashes. If the bill exceeds the insured amount, guess who is financially responsible for the rest?

American Safety Council’s adult drivers’ education enrollment can limit your liability in these situations. In some cases, it may even eliminate it altogether. No training course can prevent 100 percent of accidents. But drivers’ education from ASC gives you the tools you need to be a safer driver. Sometimes, that makes all the difference.

What is Online Adult Drivers’ Education?

Beyond the basics like red means stop and green means go, most people are very unfamiliar with the rules of the road. The Texas Transportation Code has over 1,000 chapters. Most local governments have their own rules on top of these requirements. There is simply no way to learn them all outside an intensive classroom setting.

Even if you don’t know the law, you are legally responsible for keeping it. You also might be financially responsible if you break a law and cause an accident.

The internet is a wonderful tool for transmitting a vast amount of information in a limited amount of time. Furthermore, you can usually take an online class on your schedule instead of the teacher’s schedule.

In just a few hours, an adult drivers’ education class gives you all the information you need to know. That knowledge is the best available tool when it comes to being a better driver. You’ll also be a more confident driver, and that goes a long way as well.

Why Should I Take It?

In many states, including Texas, most adults can take the driving and written tests without a drivers’ education class. But there are still some very good reasons to sign up for an online course.

  • As mentioned, you’ll know all the rules of the road. That background is essential for a good score on the written test. Instead of studying on your own and hoping you did it right, you’ll have added free time and peace of mind.
  • A quick online course is an excellent refresher. It’s also a good idea if you are relocating to Texas from another jurisdiction. Traffic laws vary significantly among different states and countries.
  • You have a financial incentive as well. In many cases, the insurance discount you earn may almost pay for the course tuition. So, there’s basically no risk.

The ASC Texas adult drivers’ education course is broken down into seven easy-to-complete modules. They cover many basic areas, like right-of-way and traffic control devices, that are easy to skip over. The modules also cover advanced topics, like limiting your liability and alcohol use. Once you complete the class, you automatically receive your completion certificate.

Become a better driver with an ASC course under your belt.

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