Know it all about the tires of your Vehicles?

Know it all about the tires of your Vehicles?

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Do you know what tires your vehicle actually needs? If your answer is more focused on a brand or particular design, your answer is not going well. However, in other cases, it is best to read further.

Other important factors, apart from brands, such as weight your car can withstand, the maximum speed that it can reach or the date on which the tires were manufactured are the real indicators that you should focus to make you purchase worthy, and thus, gives your car the security required to roam the world.

A truck or camper does not require the same tires as that of a normal car, they all have different requirements and demands. Logically, for each type of truck, there is a particular variety of wheels for you. Knowing them and buying according to certain canons can be decisive for your safety.

The consequences of carrying wheels that are not right for your vehicle are vivid and worrying- ranging from increased fuel consumption , increased stiffness direction, wear faster in them, to problems in loss power vehicle and tire adhesion to the road. Also, when using wheels that are not right, they can get deformed, torn and damaged very easily, increasing the chances of having an accident.

Therefore, it is critical to learning how to buy the perfect tires for any preventive driver, plus it will perform preventive maintenance to avoid premature wear. The following article will show you how to buy and care.

How to buy the perfect tires for your car?

The first thing to do is to read the owner’s manual of the car, what it needs for tires are . This is done because the manufacturer entered in the manual the exact reference tire for which the vehicle was designed to facilitate the purchase of new tires when they need to be changed, which are able to withstand without any inconvenience specifications vehicle (weight, engine power, braking power, etc.). For instance, the best wheels for your Cadillac escalade can be chosen by getting the right measurement and details of the current wheels.

Manufacturing date

An important fact to keep in mind when buying new tires for a car, is the date of manufacture thereof, which should not exceed six months , as are some old tires and have not been used , due to the rubber in contact with the atmosphere begins to degrade, it becomes hard, brittle and does not have the same capabilities to transmit the forces of acceleration and braking.

How to take care of the tires of a vehicle?

Now that you’ve bought tires for your vehicle, you must learn to care for them. Generally, these have a life of approximately four years. However, depending on use and care that you give your car, this period may be shorter or longer.

To care for them, it is recommended that you make them through a constant maintenance and newspaper. Every day, before turning on your car makes a visual check for four tires and check if they have holes or cuts. Also, when you put fuel in your vehicle, calls for calibrated (fill air) with a preferably metallic gauge, it is more accurate. Also, review them when they receive a blow.

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