How to Know Whether or not a Used Car Purchase is a Good Deal

How to Know Whether or not a Used Car Purchase is a Good Deal

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Of course used will cost less than new; especially when you buy from a reputable dealer such as JD Byrider. With this in mind, just because you are paying a lower price, doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a good deal on that used car. If the car has 100,000 miles, has mechanical issues, or is about to break down, but costs a couple thousand less than brand new, is this a “good deal?” The answer is obviously no, but it is not always that straightforward. So before you buy, consider these factors to ensure the deal is right and a good one.

Advertised vs Kelly Blue Book –
KBB (Kelly Blue Book) should be your go to resource for used (and new) cars. It will give you the estimated value of the used car you are looking at, based on mileage, accidents, area, and other factors. Compare the dealership price to the KBB price, and negotiate your way from there is you want to ensure the best deal is attained when you make the final purchase.

Vehicle history –
Maintenance records, accident records, mileage, service records, and other important vehicle information is a key stat in letting you know the car’s condition. If a dealer doesn’t furnish it, RUN! Do not buy from them. Use this information to help you determine how much work, how much money, and how much future work you will have to do on the car if you choose to buy it used. Vehicle history reports will let you know of accidents, pending liens, or other issues with the car. So check these resources out, so you truly know what you are buying if you are settled on buying a used car.

State certification –
Make sure you request state certification. Smog checks, full vehicle inspections, and other state required or mandated checks can add up, which might make that good deal, not look so good after all. When you choose to buy used, make sure the dealership provides you with the certification proof that these inspections have been performed, and the vehicle has passed those which are required in your state. Not only does this mean you won’t have to pay for them to be performed again, it also means the car is safe and can be driven legally where you live. Make sure you know what inspections have been done, what has passed, and if there are any further tests or inspections you have to do, what they are going to cost you to have them completed before you choose to buy the used car.

Buying used can pay off for many drivers who can’t afford brand new. Especially if the car has years of use, is safe, and has been well maintained. But, with this in mind, you still have to do your research. So before you do leap in and make that purchase, make sure you keep these relevant factors in mind, so you know the deal you are getting, is truly the best for the use car you are buying.

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