How to Fix TN Top Auto Troubles

How to Fix TN Top Auto Troubles

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Is something wrong with your car? You might not have to spend five hundred bucks to get it fixed at the garage. This could be something that you can fix yourself- for under a hundred bucks, and maybe a few minutes of effort. Here are some of the most common car troubles and how to fix them:

Car Won’t Turn Over?

If your car won’t turn over, check your dashboard. Is it lighting up? If not, you could have a dead alternator.

Here’s how to fix it:

Remove the electrical connections to the alternator (check your driver’s manual to see where it’s at and what it looks like), unbolt the brackets, then find the built-in tensioner. Use that to pop the serpentine belt free, put a new alternator in place of the old one, reconnect it, and you’re ready to go. If you can plug a Blu-ray player into the TV, you can figure this out too.

Squeaking Noises

There is a repeated squeaking sound coming from underneath your hood every couple of seconds or so. It is probably the belt. If you neglect this problem, the belt can snap and whip around, damaging the engine. It’s easy to pop the hood open and see if the belt is cracked and wearing down, and if it is,

Here’s how to fix it:

You’ll want to get a belt diagram, use your ratchet to loosen the tension arm, and pull the belt out. Brush any debris out of there, and use your diagram to stick a new belt in there. Lock the tension arm back in place and hit the road. If all else fails, you can check out one of these top three TN auto repair shops.

Oil Change

Oil changes are as easy as draining a bathtub. The reason so many of us tend to let Jiffy Lube do it is just because it’s illegal to toss the used oil in the trash. Anyways,

Here’s how to fix it:

Get the owner’s manual out and figure out what kind of oil and filter you need and where the bolt can be found for the oil pan. Pop the bolt, let the oil drain into a pan, put in a new filter, tighten the bolt, and pour some fresh oil into the engine. It’s easy.

Traffic Tickets

Not an engine problem, but an auto problem all the same. You probably can’t fight it, but, you might get the fine dismissed by taking a defensive driving course. You’ll probably be stuck with the court costs, but defensive driving in TN comes with a lot of benefits, and one of them is that you might not have to pay the full amount written on the ticket. Another benefit is how it looks to your insurer. You can have whole points removed from your record and get great deals on coverage by taking a defensive driving course.

It shouldn’t take you more than a couple afternoons, and the one-time cost of attending a course is going to add up to considerably less than what you would have spent on additional insurance costs over the years. Just by taking the course, you get a discount of around five percent, and it could be even more depending on what kind of deals your insurer provides.

Proper auto care is a lot easier than it looks. When you pop the hood, you see a bunch of moving parts and gizmos that seem impossible to figure out, but once you learn the basics, you’ll wonder why you found the full process so intimidating in the first place.

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