How Aircraft Maintenance Runs a Proper Systems Check

How Aircraft Maintenance Runs a Proper Systems Check

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The complex and technical environment of aviation maintenance starts with the proper equipment pieces. Now, various types of ground equipment are necessary to ensure that the aircraft is both safe and prepared for takeoff. In this article, we’ll discuss the numerous tools and aircraft maintenance equipment needed for a systems check.

Sequenced Inspections

Airplanes require reliable maintenance as well as frequent inspections. The fleet manager operates through a prioritized list that he provides for all technicians, mechanics, and other laborers. The inspection time is based on the amount of usage the plane goes through. Some of the measurements include: kilometers, fuel use, and repetitions. After a certain numerical factor has been surpassed or is close to reaching the limit, a full system check will be in queue for the aircraft.

Support Provisions

In the aviation industry, numerous ground fleet support vehicles such as sweepers, runway maintenance equipment, and other cleaning pieces are utilized on a daily basis. Airplane starting gear, such as a yellow aircraft starter, is also stored nearby for immediate use.

Additionally, each airplane has a starting unit assigned to it to ensure that the APU gets a slight break from action upon arrival. This allows the airplane to provide all the electronics as it would from the APU but relies on an external power source in its stead.

Summary: The specific tools and equipment pieces utilized in maintenance are far and many.

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