Eyes on the Road: These 5 Clever Tips Will Help You Avoid a Car Crash

Eyes on the Road: These 5 Clever Tips Will Help You Avoid a Car Crash

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You may be a neophyte driver, or you may have many years of experience on the road, but in either case, you need to stay safe out there. That means obeying all traffic rules and regulations, and never letting your attention lapse while you are behind the wheel. This is how to avoid a costly collision.

Stay Out of the Fast Lane

If you’re on a multilane road, you’re better off avoiding the so-called “fast lane.” Instead, use the right or center lane. That way, if anything goes awry, you have more escape routes if you have to pull onto the shoulder or change lanes quickly. The majority of highway incidents occur in the left lane, and then you’ll have to seek out the legal support you need for car accident matters.

Be Aware of the Condition of the Cars Around You

If you see a car nearby that is in poor condition, with the bumper about to fall off and duct tape on the windows, then you’ll know that the driver does not care very much about their vehicle. That is often an indication of recklessness. Steer clear of these drivers and give them a wide berth. Cars that are well-maintained probably have conscientious drivers.

Keep Your Hands At 10 and 2

You probably remember this tip from driving school, but too many people discount it once they have a little practical experience. If you drive with one hand on the wheel, then you don’t have maximum control of the vehicle. When an unexpected situation arises, you will more likely regain control of the car if you have both your hands in the recommended positions. Quick maneuvering is sometimes what is required to avoid a fatal collision.

Be Mindful of Your Blind Spots

This is probably something else you learned in your initial driving classes, but you shouldn’t ever neglect this safety fundamental. That means always adjusting your side view and rearview mirrors before you start the car, but you shouldn’t rely on those exclusively when you’re on the road. As you put on your turn signal, you should turn to look into the lane beside you. Also, be aware of blind spots of other vehicles around you, especially larger ones like trucks that make wide turns.

Constantly Scan the Road Ahead

It’s common sense to watch the car ahead of you, but you should try and be aware of what is lurking in front of them as well. Don’t have tunnel vision. If you anticipate a possible problem or slow down before it happens, your chances of reacting to it appropriately and avoiding an accident are higher. Nobody wants to rear-end the car ahead of them in the case of a sudden stop. It’s embarrassing, and injuries and possible raising of your insurance rates can be the result.

In all situations, remember that driving is a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly. No matter how much experience you have, a single lapse in attention or judgment can be enough to change your life and the lives of the other drivers and pedestrians around you.