Eyes on the Road: 10 Deadliest Distractions a Driver May Encounter

Eyes on the Road: 10 Deadliest Distractions a Driver May Encounter

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Within the last two years, at least 65,000 people have been killed as a result of car accidents. Among those, 10 percent were as a result of distraction.

With that in mind, it is evident that most people who die in road accidents are as a result of distractions. Therefore, there is a need to ponder over this matter and come up with solutions that will minimize this problem.

But before that, let’s look at the ten deadliest distractions a driver may encounter so that you can start keeping your eyes on the road:

 1. Smoking

This is one of the most common forms of distractions on the road. Erie Insurance found out that out of the 65,000 people killed in car crashes, one percent of drivers were distracted by smoking or any other related activities. If you have been involved in a car crash because of being distracted, you can reach out to Coye Law Firm for assistance.

 2. Moving Objects

If you love pets, you probably know the repercussions of an excited pet. Police report that up to one percent of drivers are distracted by moving objects like dogs, cats, etc.  If you want to be safe, try never to drive with your pet in the same car. They can be messy, and distractive.

 3. Rectifying Other Devices Integral to a Car

You may be a careful driver, but that doesn’t mean you can never be distracted when you don’t pay attention to the road even for a second. The truth is that you can still cause an accident.

Adjusting some of your car items like side mirrors can make you distracted. So, always make sure everything is okay before you start driving.

4. Adjusting Your Music

Yes, you may want to adjust your music volume or tune it to the next song, but that alone is enough to get you distracted. Typically, many people cannot multi-task – doing two activities at the same time.

5. Eating or Drinking

It’s entirely reasonable that human beings can feel hungry while driving, but it’s not advisable to eat or drink while driving. It was found out that two percent of drivers involved in a car crash was either driving or eating.

6. Reaching for Devices in the Vehicle

You may be tempted to get some devices such as headphones that are not near you. This alone is enough to distract you because your attention will be glued towards obtaining the item rather than driving.

7. Talking with People While Driving

While driving, never engage in a conversation with people in the car or outside because they will distract you. A study reveals that five percent of drivers involved in a car crash were distracted as a result of talking to people.

8. Outside Event

It may be difficult to ignore drama that’s going on beside the road, and yes, you will get distracted the moment to decide to pay attention to it. Just try and avoid such scenes.

 9. Using Your Mobile Phone

You are driving, and an important message arrives or an urgent call. What do you do? The majority will get distracted and reply to the message or answer the call.

10. Getting Lost in Thought

Not a typo! Sometimes, you can just lose your thought. Maybe you are disturbed because of a certain problem. You start thinking about how you are going to solve the problem and there you are. You get distracted.

Wrap Up

When on the road, you need to be keen throughout and keep your eye on the road. Multi-tasking is always the primary cause of distraction. Please avoid multitasking while driving.