Everything you need to know about Floor Jacks

Everything you need to know about Floor Jacks

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A common sight these days, is that of a car owner attempting to carry out various minor repairs on his or her vehicle.

If you are a car owner, I bet that, at some point in your life, you thought of working on your vehicle without having to go see a mechanic. However it is not as simple as pouring in fuel injector cleaner.

You might need to work on the underside of your vehicle, and for that you will definitely end up needing a proper floor jack.

But finding the best floor jack can be quite tricky as they come in many types and are manufactured by several different companies around the world.

Before you purchase a floor jack, you will need to consider the following:

  1. The type and weight of your car.
  2. The type and weight of the floor jack.

Let’s take a closer look at the two.

  1. Most cars weight between 2000 to 5500 pounds, of course there are exceptions to this rule, especially with modified vehicles.

So if you have a vehicle customized to any degree please consult with your local dealer or agency and find out the exact weight of your car because floor jacks come with differently capacity tons, (1.5 T, 2 T, 3 T).

So you will need the exact weight to determine which floor jack you need to purchase and without a doubt the prices for 3 Ton Capacity Jacks are higher than the prices for a 1.5 Ton Capacity Jack.

  1. There are four most common type of jacks are, Hi-lift, hydraulic, motorcycle and scissors.

Hi-Lift jacks are used in most vehicle recovery situations and is must have for all off road drivers.

Motorcycle jacks are specifically build for motorcycles and cannot be used to jack or even support another jacked car.

Scissors jacks are the most common only and is usually found in your vehicle. They work with a mechanical screw with needs to be rotated to raise your vehicle.

Hydraulic floor jacks are common among home and commercial garage owners. It uses a long handle that can be pumped up and down to raise the vehicle higher off the ground.

Things to Remember:

Do not go under your vehicle after you have used the floor jack to raise it up. First add jack stands closer to the point where you lifting your car and ensure that the weight is supported properly on jack stands.

Only after that you should procced to carry out any kind of repair activities under your car.

Make sure the area in which the floor jack comes in contact with your vehicle is dry and oil free.  It is common to find a lot of dirt stuck to this portion of your car.

Floor Jacks are extremely valuable and useful in your garage. But always be careful as the risk of being crushed under it is really high, if you do not have enough experience.

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