Donald C Forman Las Vegas Philanthropist

Donald C Forman Las Vegas Philanthropist

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Tustin Nissan Dealerships owner Donald C. Forman from Las Vegas, Nevada is up for dealer of the year and it’s not only for his work in the auto industry but his devotion to doing good in society.

Hmmmmm, how do you even begin to describe someone whose devotion to the public welfare has transformed lives and changed people’s perspective on wealth and power?

I mean, how often do you come across a millionaire who can stretch out a helping hand whenever opportunity beckons? Well, if you’re from where I’m from -which is Las Vegas, by the way- then the answer to that question is obvious…Don Forman.

It is a heavy name that is generally associated with his car dealership, United Nissan, but it has come to be synonymous with his heart of gold. When I first heard of the work he was doing with Fox5 Surprise Squad, the comic geek in me unraveled and I began to picture a world controlled by philanthropic super heroes who don’t possess dragon fire or super punches, but fat wallets and hearts overflowing with generosity.

An eccentric man with a penchant for the extraordinary, Don Forman takes his philanthropic work seriously. His work proves valid the point that there’s nothing better than a welcome surprise. When Surprise Squad was first aired on television on December 16 2013, many thought it was yet another reality show taking advantage of the misfortune of others. I remember even writing it off as a scam in some of my review work for no-profit organizations. However, I was in for a rude awakening.

There’s an African proverb that says the platter is served to the one who also serves. Basic but, reminiscent of the kind of philanthropy he carries out. I wouldn’t call it a trick to his method, but there’s a certain commonality about it that it can’t be sheer coincidence that he picks certain people to appear on television. This one family had just adopted 3 of their sick neighbor’s kids. So one day -when they were out- Don Forman and his crew decided to remodel their home. It took a lot of neighborly support and smart distractions to complete the make over, but boy was it AWESOME. This all goes to show that one good turn deserves another and that we all need to learn to help others out of the generosity of our hearts for good fortune to come our way.

It doesn’t end there, though. It gets better.

Another shining example of his exemplary philanthropy is that of the caregiver’s daughter who -with the assistance of the Surprise Squad- managed to pamper her mother with the sort of attention, love and compassion she normally gives to those in her care. Neither the bags of money given to Greg Zanis, nor the pints of blood to victims of the Las Vegas shooting, but touching all the same.

In a nutshell, the work Don Forman is doing is impressive. Together with his partners -America First Credit Union and United Nissan- they have redefined the notion of generosity.

For more information on future events, please visit the Fox5 Surprise Squad” Facebook page. They are open to suggestions from the public as it is you who know those in need.

When it comes to Donald C Forman Las Vegas knows they have a friend indeed.


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