Benefits of a Truck Bed Cover

Benefits of a Truck Bed Cover

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Buying a cover for your truck is exciting yet challenging. It’s exciting because you’re getting one of the most useful accessories your vehicle will ever get. It is difficult because there are just so many types of covers out on the market. This makes it hard to narrow them down to find the perfect cover for you. Since you probably own a truck, you already know how useful your truck bed is. You can haul and store just about anything back there. But there are also downsides of hauling cargo in the bed. It can get dirty, soggy, wet, faded, knocked around or even fall out. A cover can fix all of those problems.

Just about any cover will block UV rays, keep your stuff from falling out of the bed and keep a majority of dirt off of your stuff. If you want real wet weather protection, there are certain types of bed covers you should avoid and other models you should look for. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you’ll need to keep that in mind because some covers may sag and fail under the weight of snow. Others are made for this reason and can withstand several hundred pounds of snow on any given day. And if you’re looking for a reliable cover that’ll keep thieves out of your bed, there are apparently better choices for security covers.

A cover will help your truck out in other ways as well. Driving down the highway, your bed creates resistance (called drag) that makes your engine work harder. That makes you burn more fuel. A cover allows the air to flow over the cover and off the end of the truck, cutting out the drag. The company SEMA tested this theory and found that a truck bed cover cuts the drag down on a full-size truck by 11.81%. That means you get a 1.18 mpg increase. This makes you save fuel.

Another great benefit of having a great looking cover is that your truck instantly looks nicer. A smooth, sleek cover covers up your scratched and dented bed to instantly dress your vehicle up. So when it comes to getting tonneau covers for your truck, you have a ton of benefits and should get a cover if you love your truck. The cover will be less of a purchase than an investment.