Answers to AZ Auto Questions

Answers to AZ Auto Questions

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AZ defensive driving schools are committed to securing and optimizing the driving learning experience for drivers. By employing simple driving tactics, Arizona drivers not only learn facts on how to be the safest drivers, but also how to be the most economical.

Embracing new driving techniques, AZ drivers are assured the fastest and most convenient mode of travel. Ideally, adoption of defensive driving lessons will eliminate the need for traffic cameras in AZ for monitoring traffic offenders. While some of their placements may seem common knowledge, you will be surprised by the number of instances they are disregarded by motorists the world over.

Speed control

Of all motor vehicle accidents that occur in the world today, a large percentage of them can be linked directly to excessive speed. It is for this reason that most accident reports point to lose of control as the main cause of the accident in question. Speed control involves reducing it when negotiating corners as these are critical points where accidents are prone to occur. At no instance must the driver apply brakes in the middle of the bend but rather should take it in a smooth manner as possible.

Driver anticipation

Speed goes hand in hand with sudden maneuvers by drivers without issuing appropriate warnings. This is particularly to do with the application of emergency brakes which may easily cause collision from to rear. To mitigate this, our drivers are taught to anticipate even the unexpected motions by fellow drivers. For better handling of such unexpected motions, motorists must pay attention to rules such as the two second or three second rule. This refers to the regulation that forbids drivers to drive too closely to the vehicle ahead.

Avoiding distractions

Another factor that has been known to be the cause of many motoring accidents is distraction of drivers. This may be caused by negligent habits by drivers such as driving while texting or talking on a phone even in a seemingly harmless situation. Many traffic cameras have captured drivers in a careless violation of this rule. If absolutely necessary, our drivers are advised accordingly to use hands free devices for these purposes if they are completely unavoidable.

Flexibility to road or weather conditions

Competent drivers ought to be able to adapt accordingly to changing road or weather conditions. An example is in speed control when they drive on slippery roads or in places where adequate visibility is limited. In cases where the driver’s visibility is limited, appropriate precautionary measures must be employed such as turning on vehicle’s head and tail lights to warn adjacent drivers. Where the road is slippery, speed must be adjusted accordingly to limit slippage.

Car road worthiness

Far from being careful while driving, any good driver would be mindful of his/ her vehicle’s condition. This is complementary to flexibility to road conditions in some ways. Examples are when slippery tires make it difficult to control the vehicle in wet grounds or when faulty wipers further hinder visibility of the driver. For these reasons, AZ defensive driving school encourages their drivers to take their vehicles for regular maintenance services even when they are apparently without any fault.

A more economical driving experience

By religiously observing traffic rules and regulations, drivers save a lot of money in the form of driving and parking tickets. This advantage is in addition to keeping road safety while driving. In addition, careful driving translates directly to better vehicle maintenance. This not only spares the vehicle owners unnecessary costs in the form of otherwise avoidable charges from constant repairs, but it also reduces insurance premiums required for the vehicle.

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