5 Types of Car Covers to Help You Make a Choice

5 Types of Car Covers to Help You Make a Choice

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If you have decided to protect your car using a protective cover this is one of the best decisions you have made. Car covers are a now a common feature in every street as more car owners discover their invaluable benefits. Car dealers are even including these accessories in their sale packages and you can get a good bargain in the market.

Why Invest in a Car Cover Anyway?

A car cover comes in handy to reduce car maintenance costs. The cost of car detailing is rising and with a protective cover you will be saving lots of money. These covers also protect against scratches, dents and abrasion that can be caused by kids or other factors. With a car cover you are assured your car will always look dashing due to dust and dirt protection. Studies have also shown that thieves have no interest in covered vehicles as they want to get away quickly.

Having said this you will realize that there are many types of car covers to choose from and the choices can be confusing. This guide will help you make a choice based on your specific needs:

  1. Waterproof Car Covers

This is a plastic based cover that is made from plastic materials. While it is common for car owners to use this material there is a big downside; the cover will also trap the water below the tarp which leads to condensation. With time this will precipitate rusting which is counterproductive. The trapped moisture also ruins the paintwork and it can be very expensive to remedy.

  1. Breathable Covers

This is also called a water resistant car cover and it is highly recommended by car service experts. There is a wide range of materials and fabrics used to make water resistantcovers including Tyvek and other composite products. The advantage of this cover is the fact that it repels water and also allows water to circulate. This eliminates any probability of condensation and more importantly these materials resist sunlight degradation. These covers can be heavier but there are lightweight products made using the latest technologies.

  1. Customized Covers

When looking for a car cover universe product you have a chance to get a tailor-made one. This fitted cover works best because it applies to your car make and model. The designers will check all features on the body work including antennas and make provisions for the same. These covers offer better protection for your car.

  1. Indoor Covers

To guarantee maximum protection for your car an indoor cover comes in handy. This is perfect if your car is parked in a garage for a long time and it protects against dust build up and scratches. These products are made from cotton, polyester or cotton blends.

  1. UV Protection Covers

In hot, sunny areas there is an urgent need to protect your car’s interior and exterior against UV radiation. This can damage the plastics inside and also lead to deterioration of the body work. These covers are treated with UV radiation inhibitors to guarantee ample protection.

By investing in a car cover universe product you will be spending little to protect against major repair costs in future. You will always enjoy driving your car in a mint condition.