4 Tricks Used by Car Salesmen You Shouldn’t Fall in For

4 Tricks Used by Car Salesmen You Shouldn’t Fall in For

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Auto dealers make a lot of money by selling used cars. The thumb rule is that sellers are not there to educate about cars; rather they are there to sell cars. So, decide smartly. The process of finding the right car is tough as consumers face lot of difficulties while dealing with salespeople. Though it’s quite easy to find second hand cars in Mumbai at low price, handling the salesmen without falling in for their tactics is quite challenging.

Salespeople use sugar-coated words. They are usually born with the art of selling anything. They convince the customer to such an extent that he or she would end up accepting the same. Never give them a chance to judge that you have lack of information. A fair deal can only be done when you actually know the correct price. So, better take the help of internet and do some research before exploring the market.

Salespeople often ask what the monthly payment you can afford is rather than asking your budget. An amount close to four or five lakhs will sound odd, but eight or nine thousand a month is better to hear. So, this is one of the ways they pull you inside the ring. After selecting the car, now comes the finance manager who can also be a part of the game. According to a finance company, you fall under the bucket of 5% loan, but finance manager will tell 7%. Here the extra 2% is divided between himself and the dealer. So, it is advisable to have a talk with the bank personnel before taking any kind of loan.

Some of the car sellers say the deal is only for today and will try to put lot of pressure for finalizing the deal as soon as possible. It is a tactic to prevent you from checking the vehicle properly and surprisingly they won’t give time to check related documents too.

Dealers always show big advertisements to attract customers and they mostly sell all sorts of accessories like sound systems, seat covers, roof racks etc. When you check for the same accessories, you may get at a lower price or may be almost half the price at auto parts stores. So, be careful.

Salespeople sometimes hide the car’s history. Dealers spend some amount of money for denting and painting or altering a car’s title so that they can get some extra money from innocent buyers. To protect yourself, check the vehicle’s history online and also conduct an independent inspection.

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